Having left the drug trade years earlier, Jovan struggles in his new life as a Priest. Trying to make his life count, Jovan attempts to help those around him. These people include his best friend, Jacob, who seeks revenge after his wife dies tragically. And Drago, a member of Jovan’s Church, who confesses to dealing drugs. All the while, Jovan battles his own demons while preparing to say goodbye to his mum, who is on her deathbed. With his attempts to help seemingly doomed to fail, Jovan is tempted to re-enter the world he left behind. Drago is unable to leave the drug world, being forced to stay by Savor, the head of the drug syndicate and Jovan’s former business partner. The only way for Drago to leave, is if Jovan rejoin’s Savor’s operation.

Face to face with his former life, Jovan wonders if he can ever truly leave that in the past. When his mother dies and Jacob’s lust for revenge continues to spiral out of control, Jovan’s worlds collide and he realizes that he can’t run from either his past, or his current life.


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